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  1. David, I Wanna Die, Sharki Boy all have been ACCEPTED Risq ally app has been DENIED since the only member of Risq is in our gang now.
  2. LolTheNoobAssasin And Gray you both have been ACCEPTED Kanajuusto and Yada you both have been DENIED Made minor changes on the joining app template, added a new rule. IzzVoid and Sharki Boy has been KICKED from the gang.
  3. Logs clearly was showing proof of him NLRing tho, I don't get your point. Also yeah, Thy OG is claiming that he asked for someone, but no one responded. I don't believe that since Heff was online, and became Staff On Duty literally 20 seconds later you returned both of us. I was going to take this as a mistake that you could do as a T-Mod, but the way you acted made me do this "I was scammed by someone in Slaves, and the Thy OG biased the sit into his basers side, and ASAPs side. He is not worthy of being staff on the server. Constant harassment, killing me for 'disliking me' Only staff member online and when DIV were getting MRDM'd he refused to help." Papi says.
  4. Name of the staff: ASAP Thy OG Their rank: T-Mod What do you think they should be(e.g Demoted, Striked?) : Striked What is the reason for this report: Story of what happened with the person that I reported: So I was raiding someone, then saw a nano suit with upgraded Grim Reaper going to the industrial area. I told Chris that I will go after him, and went to industrial area. He was AFK infront of my base. I kept waiting until he went in, as the second I saw him go in, I went in with my gluon and killed him. (PM) DIV Warrior Maddox: he has gluon DIV Owner HellForce killed Zarpozs using weapon_bms_gluon (PM) DIV Owner HellForce: I gluoned him (PM) DIV Warrior Maddox: oh nice he had gluon aswell rip suit + gluon He was inside the base, and couldn't see outside. After I gluoned him, I went on alt tab to talk with someone. And when I came back, Chris screamed HE IS BAACK Zarpozs killed DIV Owner HellForce using weapon_bms_gluon Zarpozs killed DIV Fam Bear using weapon_bms_gluon So he broke NLR, and also RDM'd me. Story of what happened with the staff member that I'm reporting: He could clearly see in the logs that he broke NLR. Other person claimed that I RDM'd him so he came back and RDM'd me. I told Thy OG that he should warn him, since he literally admitted he broke NLR and Revenge RDM'd me. And I asked for another staff member as I realised he wasn't going to do anything. He ignored me as I kept asking for another staff, and in the end, he returned both of us with no warnings. I created another report, asking for another staff member to handle it, but instead he closed it.
  5. Izzvoid, Bear, Papi you all have been ACCEPTED sickon13 you have been DENIED
  6. Lush,Kenny,KommedentSimeon,JamesFloww,LilSpud You all have been ACCEPTED RayzeWeab you have been DENIED
  7. This is an example. Who Are You?: I'm HellForce, the lovely and the funniest player online! For How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: I've been playing for atleast 1 month now. Rate Your Skills -/10 (Raiding / Defending / Building): 10/10 Raiding 10/10 Defending 10/10 Building What Special Guns Do You Have In-Game?: I have Fate Mondrel! Do You Have Any Suits? (if so, how many and which ones): Yes, I do have a nano suit! Why Do You Want To Join DIV?: Because I believe that I'm loyal and professional. How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?: 800 M Do You Have A Rank? (Vip etc.): Yes, I do have Meme! Did You Read The Gang Rules?: Yes I did. Did You Read The Server Rules?: Yes I did. Do You Have A Microphone?: Yes I do! How Old Are You?: I'm 16!
  8. Welcome to Official DIVERGENT Gang Thread. Here is the all information about Divergent SSRP gang. If you have any questions, add -->HellForce<-- by clicking it. And also make sure to join the -->DISCORD<-- by clicking it. ❖ Behaviour - You should be respectful, and must obey the all server rules. ❖ Gang Attitude- You must help each other and you should never raid, mug, steal or attack a gang member. You must listen to orders and obey the higher ranks in the gang. ❖Attitude with other players - You shouldn't argue with anyone in the server because our gang will take bad reputation. Also don't give the gang bases/dupes to other people. ❖ Flips - You shouldn't join the flips that the members of the gang create. Thats literally ripping yourself and making no sense. Rip other gangs instead. (You can join flips that are less than 1 M) DIV Owner (Owner) - The Owner of the gang. Everyone must obey and listen to him. DIV Officer (Officer) - The owner of the gang when owner isn't online. Everyone must obey and listen to him unless the owner is online. DIV Prince (Trusted+) - Kind of a 2nd officer, the most loyal, professional and respectful players only deserve to be this rank. DIV Warrior (Trusted) - Trusted people in the gang. They have gained Owner's trust and based alot with the gang. DIV Familiar (Member) - A simple member. Waiting to get ranked up to Trusted. DIV Unfamiliar (On Trial) - People who try to rank up to be a member. You don't even count to be in the gang when you are this rank. -DIV Owner- HellForce -DIV Officer- Legend -DIV Prince(s)- R3D Thet -DIV Warrior(s)- Gamentix Wolf Maddox Chris B -DIV Familiar(s)- Jeicob JamesFloww DeadPool Bear Lush Papi -DIV Unfamiliar(s)- LilSpud Kevin Baby Shark KommedentSimeon SharkiBoy TheNoobAssassin Joining Template Who Are You?: Your Steam?(link it): For How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: Rate Your Skills -/10 (Raiding / Defending / Building): What Special Guns Do You Have In-Game?: Do You Have Any Suits? (if so, how many and which ones): Why Do You Want To Join DIV?: How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?: Do You Have A Rank? (Vip/T-mod etc.): Did You Read The Gang Rules?: Did You Join The Gang Discord?: Did You Read The Server Rules?: Do You Have A Microphone?: How Old Are You?: Ally Template What is your gang's name?: How many members does your gang have?: Are you willing to pay a gang ally fee? (if yes, how much?): Why do you think we should ally?: