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  1. You have not been banned by a staff member, and if they have not posted it in the ban logs(Highly unlikely)
  2. By all means go ahead, just as a tip add a reason for your edit:)
  3. -REP Although you have put effort into this application, your last 3 questions(the most important ones) aren't explained well enough
  4. -REP I hate to say it, but your a minge. It almost seems like you try to get into trouble YOU STINKY NONCE WHY DONT U SHOWER FOR ONCE
  5. -REP Too young .-. Minimal hours a week
  6. -REP Not enough effort My eyes are paining right now
  7. Maybe consider editing your application then as it is misleading. YOU STINKY NONCE Y DONT U SHOWER FOR ONCE
  8. Your overall application is lacking quite alot of detail, although i can see you did try to make this a good application you have not elaborated to the ability i think you can. You have some really good moments in this application but overall i don't think you have put enough detail in this application I wish you good luck in your quest to become staff! YOU STINKY NONCE Y DONT U SHOWER FOR ONCE
  9. I personally dont support this application There is minimal effort shown and 2-4 hours a week simply said isn't enough hours a week for you to be staff It is a -rep from me
  10. Who Are You?: IzzVoid For How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: About 1-2 months Rate Your Skills -/10 (Raiding / Defending / Building): 8/8/6.5 What Special Guns Do You Have In-Game?: Quite alot and i can mine more :)(Perm Nova Koi,Gluon v2,Grim reaper, EMP's etc Do You Have Any Suits? (if so, how many and which ones): 3 suits, all speed(I can mine more or just buy more suits Why Do You Want To Join DIV?: Seems like a good clan therefore i really would like to. Seems like a very active clan How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?: 58 mil Do You Have A Rank? (Vip etc.): No Did You Read The Gang Rules?: Yes sir Did You Join The Discord?: No sir Did You Read The Server Rules?: Of course Do You Have A Microphone?: Yes sir How Old Are You?: 15
  11. Welcome to the OFFICIAL VIRTUS CLAN THREAD. Here is all the necessary information for the VirTuS RP clan RULES Rule 1: No earrape, if you preform ANY kind of earrape, you get 1 warning, do it again and you get kicked form the clan Rule 2: You can't be in any other clans while you are in VirTuS, if we find out you are in another clan while in VirTus, you can get kicked.(If you are a staff member in another clan, while also being a staff mmber in VirTus you will be demoted) Rule 3: Absolutely no racism, you will only get warned once for racism Rule 4: To be a member in the clan you must have under 5 warnings. Rule 5: If you want to be a staff member in the clan, you must have under 3 warnings.(On ASAP) Rule 6: If you want to be a staff member you must have a minimum playtime of 24 hours since you joined the clan Rule 7: Do not disrespect staff(if you do you only get 1 warning) OR other people in the clan(3 warnings) RANKS Owner: VirTuS Owner Soul CO-OWNER: VirTuS CO-OWNER IzzVoid Head of Staff: N/A Admin: (N/A) Moderator: MiyokoMiko,VirTuS Lightning,VirTuS Rekkit930, Trial-Moderator: VirTuS Ychama, VirTuS DutchSurvivorG7 Supporter: N/A GOD: N/A Senpai: N/A Meme God Meme Vip+ Vip Member++ Member+ Member JOINING TEMPLATE (Prefer if you join discord) https://discord.gg/YHAyZfq Asap In-Game Name : Time Zone ( BST,PST, ECT ) : Steam ID : Steam Profile : In-Game Cash ( Minimum 5 Million ) : Does your mic work? (In-game and In Discord) : Will you be active?: Why Do You Wanna Join VirTuS? ( Explain in detail why you want to join ) : How Can You Benefit Us? ( Explain in detail what can you help provide with ) : Will You Ever RDM/RDA a staff member or member ( In other words will you minge? ) : Can You Help Provide Raids/Building ECT? Do you have weapons/suits like speed suit nano suit 99x or glouns? ( if you do you chance of join will be around 20% - 30% higher of joining) : Will You Promise Not To Minge If You Get Accepted?: Have a good gaming experience!
  12. +REP Age met Has Mic Alot of hours a week +/- Your application -REP 3 Warns Has been banned multiple times OVERALL Decent app, didn't really blow me away. You have been banned multiple times and have quite alot of warnings meaning you broke ALOT of rules I am unsure whether to give you a +rep or -rep therefore +NEUTRAL YOU STINKY NONCE WHY DONT YOU SHOWER FOR ONCE
  13. +REP Age met Has mic OK staff app -REP Minge Apparently looks like a nonce OVERALL Decent app, BUT -REP YOU STINKY NONCE, WHY DONT YOU SHOWER FOR ONCE