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  1. Purposely doing this now my god
  2. Coming in discord has nothing to do with my being perm banned Im not making appeal for discord am I no ingame
  3. This has nothing to do with my fuckign ban you idiot are you fucking stupid
  4. My god R3D needs to be demoted he has no life banning everyone no proof nothing complete Idiot
  5. STEAM_0:0:171700754 Steam ID
  6. In Game Name: Kz Steam ID: Ban reason: MNLR How long is the ban?: Permanent Staff who banned you: No god damn idea at this point What happened and why should you be unbanned?: OK sd be o I got banned originally 1 week ago My ban should now be over and done with I shoulunbanned right now No god damn idea why appealed twice Denied Denied Denied... So No idea why my ban is permanent You guys have done everything to keep me banned no matter what especially R3D no idea why he hates me so much he denies legit everything doesn't want me unbanned You guys have no logs of it being 1 week neither permanent Neither anything So please i would request this to be an unban please and thank you 3rd time a charm gonna be denied again by r3d most likeley, But im please asking that you shall unban me since you have no proof I got banned on Friday Sat Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Now Friday today Please count 7 days no? Ok and you guys have no more logs if it was 7day or not but you can ask LILTAPE and that quecadea guy that they know the most about my ban apparently So please unban me Thanks ***you also banned me from the discord for absolute no reason*****************
  7. Btw Muted on discord no reason Thanks too If someone could give me a reason
  8. Ive replyed 5 times Kappa replyed once
  9. So i love this Almost 100 views on this post 6 replys 2 of them being 1 person other 4 being me jesus
  10. Ok its been like 20 hours no replys to my god damn appeal and its been a week im still not unbanned what is this dude You can check my ban Its been a week I should be unbanned but my god can u please unban me now or reply to my ban appeal THanks