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  1. I wasn't on at the time, I was asleep. I can't do anything about brothers / sisters going on the computer.
  2. Wasn't on at the time I was asleep. Can't do anything about it I'm afraid.
  3. I'm more than glad to refund you if you have been scammed, it will be in about 5 hours though. I have 212 mill I have no problem doing it.
  4. This can't of been me, I wasn't even on my PC at that time. It was 4:00 in the morning haha. I'm on my phone as I've woken up for school. No chance in hell I would be up at that time.
  5. Hello, that person was not me. I just joined the server and changed my name from "Alessandro" to "Alessandro Covell" which is my IRL full name and I like to have it as that. I think you've got me mistaken for someone else.
  6. I've personally never seen you in-game, but I'm more than happy to give you a chance with staff. You have written a decent application. +1
  7. I'm giving this a [-1] The reason is: You have NO detail in your application. Your SPELLING is terrible. I can EXPAND more on the amount of detail you have, there is NO MORE than 4 words and what values would you add to the team. Note: The words in ORANGE are the things you should improve on. They are also the MAIN words in the sentence.