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  1. I personally don't believe JohnWest would do such anyways ngl
  2. Shinqy, as I stated in the other report, he told people they can do it BEFORE Candy announced it was a bug.
  3. Shinq I asked Legend he said he told people they can use it BEFORE candy announced it was a bug.
  4. We were re-informed about it earlier and asked candy and he said it is bannable and we asked how long and he stated that.
  5. Gon leave this here just incase to backup Johnnnn
  6. Okay but who is that and how do you know they're staff if you don't even know them, a staff might've just caught you from behind and that might be some random person you're onabout ?
  7. We don't do refunds but idk might have to ask Candy about that
  8. It won't be a perm ban it'll be a 3 month ban and you admitted to abusing a bug. Anyone else caught will be banned too. Also who was that staff member doing it?
  9. Alright I'll get you unbanned as the announcement was out 4 mins before you got banned, just next time be more careful where you fire that gun! Have a good day.
  10. +Rep Previous Experience Active -Rep No effort Add much more to your answers Overall: -Rep, add more to your questions to change my opinion! Also gl with your GCSE's, they're v stressful