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  1. +REP - Nice guy, very friendly - Effort - Age - Time to spend per week - 0 Warns / Bans - Experience of DarkRP (rules etc) -REP - No staff experience (doesn't matter that much) Overall BIG +REP from me! Good luck! Regards Heff Trial Moderator
  2. Yes I know. But it's up to him to answer this. (In my opinion)
  3. Well. A t-mod has banned you for rdm x2 and LTAP. And I don't think he would randomly ban you, so probably you left to avoid punishment. But what do I know?
  4. -REP No effort at all. Edit the application and add more information. Regards Heff Trial-Moderator
  5. and u probably look like the grinch too your fat fuck
  6. I like how you still goes with that argument, "I was just raiding a big clan". lol edit: you killed 25 peoples in a time of 10-15 minutes. That's impressive.
  7. +REP - Age - 0 Warns / Kicks / Bans - Seems like a nice guy - A bit of experience -REP - Time to spend in an average week - Little more effort would be great Overall Small +REP from me. Regards Heff Trial Moderator
  8. My eyes hurt, please fix some nice colours so we can read this. /Heff
  9. No effort put in this application at ALL. BIG -REP Regards Heff Trial Moderator