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  1. Okay, I shall unban. Gmod crashes all the time.
  2. Hey, I got a report about you ripping 2 suits and 18seconds later leaving the server. From my perspective it looked like blatant 2x RDM and ltap But If you can give an explanation of why you killed them an unban can be done.
  3. It might be different but that's what asap is about, custom stuff and it makes the server feel new every time there's an update.
  4. -REP How am I even supposed to read this
  5. +REP Deep Voice sounds like he's my dad but is 14 friendly lad who knows rules. experience Is really friendly Funny Playtime Is not retarded Would actually respond fast to reports Overall BIG +REP Funny and Friendly lad who knows rules. Good luck! Trial-Moderator
  6. -REP Too young Can't spend enough hours a week Low word count on some questions. Overall -REP Try again next year when you're 14 but best of luck, who knows maybe you will get a chance!