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  1. you dumb fucking idiot how hard is it for you to stop trying on getting staff after being banned more than 3 times doodle suck me off
  2. hi why you tell me im retard i just got banned and you tell me im retard :((((

    please if u can unbanme please im new and i just want play

    think about it 😕

  3. haha u r the guy that i stole the thundergun from when u were dropping it ahwehwahe thank's for the free thundergun and u used it in the mines and tried instantly dropping it and also obvious intentions of running and you were banned for a week or two (can't remember the exact time)
  4. haha if u read my comment and thought it was true then ur a retard heheh
  5. cool application but this isn't a rainbow factory
  6. hi guys plz reply for respect

  7. u sir do have a more fucked up response time than me