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  1. Please add more. Not doing so will be a denial. You have 24 hours. I will deny you if you have not put more effort into your application.
  2. You arrested 5+ people for illegal weapons while there were no laws against those weapons. If there are no laws against any weapon, then you should not be arresting them. You seem fairly new to the game, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I will reduce your ban to one day as you still did MRDA.
  3. Denied No effort. Re-apply in a week. By then you should have a good application prepared.
  4. Denied This staff application looks very rushed. You did not even bother to add color and you do not meet the correct playtime on the server. Please re-apply in one week when you have the correct playtime and when you won't rush it.
  5. Please change up the colors. I cannot read this.
  6. I can't unban you without your steamid. So please edit your post and use the correct template.
  7. Denied You did not put enough effort into this application and you even failed to answer two of the questions.
  8. Denied No proof. I'll ask him about it though.
  9. Please change up the colors. This is very hard to read.
  10. Denied This is very hard to read and there was just not too much effort put into it. You may re-apply in one week.
  11. Well, you are using the wrong template. An old one actually. Which makes me think you copied an old application of yours or someone else's. And, the minimum age is 14. Am I correct?