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    Rules: Staff

    Don't roleplay when you're on duty. Don't use any commands (example: !god, !cloak) while roleplaying (Except If you witness a rule breaker). You can take sits off duty if you want to help out quickly and interrupt your Roleplay Experience. Do not attempt or punish any staff member without contacting a management member. Don't interfere with other staff's sits nor take any victims out of them. They'll ask for help if it's needed. Don't separately warn for multiple reasons. Use one warning for all in the current situation. Don't ask for promotions (doing this will result in a strike). While in a sit, only allow people that are involved with the story in it so there isn't any disturbance. You aren't allowed to deal with a report against you. (eg. if someone accuses you of RDM). Witnesses are not allowed or can have any involvements in a sit. In a sit, don't punish a player without hearing both sides of the story. Always take the person to a sit before warning/banning, except if it's Mass RDM etc. Do not abuse your power for any disadvantages or interruptions within roleplay. You cannot be staff on another server as it'll cause a lack of dedication within our servers or ruins your schedule Don't be AFK while on duty (Switch Jobs). Do not noclip off duty (you can only use the staff on duty Job to noclip, or in emergency situations such as spawning into MRDM). Strikes: When staff members break staff or server rules, Trial Moderators & Moderators can stack up to 3 strikes. The third strike may result in a demotion to the previous rank or full demotion (Depends on the time period between each strike, types of strikes and is subject to change according to severity/level of abuse). If you act immature and unwilling to behave, There's a slight chance of receiving another strike for Immaturity. Speak it in a calm way. Inactivity: Being inactive (2 or more days) without making an inactivity report will result in a full demotion (You can make one on forums or Discord's room). We will also not remind you of your inactivity, we aren't your damn parents and as Staff, you should know yourself as you read the rules. For T-Mods: There's now a minimum amount of sits you need to do before being eligible for promotion. For reasons, we won't reveal the specific amount. Also, since most don't know, you need to be T-Mod for at least 1 week which is also the time you have to reach the minimum amount of sits. For Ex-Senior Admins and higher: If you resigned as Senior-Admin or higher and re-apply, you will become Mod instead of T-Mod. Also counts if you were demoted (under a certain degree). Staff Hierarchy Owner: Owns the server and does the developing stuff. Co-Owner - Assist with the server's technical issues and assist in vital activities that keep the servers functional. Head Of Staff: Commands the Staff Team. Deals with Promotions/Demotions & Staff Applications and everything that concerns Staff. Makes sure everything runs smoothly on the team. Super-Admin: Helps the Head Of Staff. Deals with Staff Applications/Staff Reports under Head Of Staff's watch. Can suggest Promotions/Demotions. Can promote/demote people with the Head Of Staff's approval. Senior-Admin: Can command lower ranks. Staff trainers. Deals with Ban Appeals/Ban Requests under Super-Admin's watch. Last rank before entering management. Admin: You've done well, however you still need to do sits. Has unlimited ban time. Moderator: You have completed your tasks as a Trial Moderator. Can ban for 2-weeks maximum. Trial Moderator: You have recently joined the Staff Team and now it's time to prove you should stay. Can ban 1-week maximum. Management Team Owner: CandyApple Co-Owner: Obsidian Head Of Staff: Legend Super-Admins: Ainsley
  2. atlas

    Rules: Darkrp

    This is the new and updated rules please take time to read them prior joining the server. Credit goes to Shapai for creating the full rules list. The list can be found here: